Physical Appearance:

Unlike Halflings and Gnomes Dwarves are disproportionate to in size. They have a large broad chest, infact their upper body proportions are very similar to that of a mans yet have smaller stubby legs. Despite their smaller stature they are still not too messed with. Most dwarves tend to be barrel chested and develop large bulking muscle groups. There muscles also seem to be more dense than that of other races so they are able to wield weapons that at times might seem comically dissportiant to themselves, well until that weapon come hurdling into the shattered remains of your skull.

Another tell-tale sign of a dwarf is his large mane of hair. All dwarves have thick beards and bushy eyebrows. A beard is a thing of pride for most dwarves and they will spend great amount of efforts to flaunt it. Even the women in dwarven kingdoms have large beards, though most female dwarves that have lived in close proximity to humans have taken up the human custom of shaving most of this hair off.

Common History:

The Dwarves are the second of the oldest races of Drageroth. Their origins are steeped in mystery. Dwarven legend tell that they have close ties to the ground and were carved from living stone.

Dwarven Factions

Iron Forged

Playing as a Dwarf:

Alright, first thing you got to know is you are nine feet of vengeance, attitude, and fight crammed into a three and a half foot shell. Outside of your family there is very little you care for in this world. First is your weapons (Dwarven warriors always keep their blades well polished, their ammo stock, and their thunder-cannons clean.) Next your beard. Beards are all the rage in dwarven society, and while human, elves, and other races women might complain about the feeling of stiff facial hair against their delicate skin, dwarven women are forged from fire and stone and do not fuss over such small “inconveniences.” In fact a shaven dwarf should probably be accustom to a fair amount of ridicule from his peers or skilled with an axe to silence such mockery. Lastly Dwarves care about honor, or more so grudges. As a Dwarf your personal honor and the honor of your family. Every dwarf will carry a small book of grudges in which he tracks down every wrong he’s been done and if that wrong has been redeemed or is still outstanding.


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